AVA Challenge

Start your mission today!

Choose from several 9 step STEM design sprints based on challenges facing Artemis & the Australian space industry.


– Earth Observation: Milo Institute – Arizona State University
– Robotics: Trailblazer – The Australian Space Agency
– Home on the Moon: Aldrin Family Foundation
– Growing Food in Space: Magnitude.io
– AI in Space

Run at your own pace, using the content on this site.
Submissions are due at November 17 at 11:59pm AEDT.

Stage 2: Young Space Explorers

A number of Year 9 & 10 teams will be selected to pitch their ideas to renowned space industry representatives and venture capitalists. This will occur at the Young Space Explorer event in December (date tbc) supported by the Australian Space Agency, Lockheed Martin (US), The Space Research Hub and the NSW Department of Education.

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Throughout the year are special webinars with space industry experts. Registration is free and proudly supported by AWS in Communities.

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AVA Challenge

Mission 1 | Introduction

WEBINAR: intro to the weekly challenges

Hear from space industry representatives & design experts as well as learn about the 2022 AVA challenge structure & opportunities for students.

View Mission 1 challenge >>>

AVA Challenge

Mission 2 | Define

Define the problem

Describe the problem or need in detail to gain understanding. Think about and discuss initial thoughts.

View Mission 2 challenge >>>

AVA Challenge

Mission 3 | Identify

Identify the constraints

Outline the specific boundaries for which the project will be confined.

View Mission 3 challenge >>>

AVA Challenge

Mission 4 | Brainstorm

Find possible solutions

Create, develop, and communicate ideas.

View Mission 4 challenge >>>

AVA Challenge

Mission 5 | Design

The most promising solutions

Investigate options, refine ideas, create & communicate solutions to solve problems.

View Mission 5 challenge >>>

AVA Challenge

Mission 6 | Prototype

Your solution

Produce a model or prototype of the best possible solution.

View Mission 6 challenge >>>

AVA Challenge

Mission 7 | Evaluate

Test your solution

Evaluate the solution against the identified problem.

View Mission 7 challenge >>>

AVA Challenge

Mission 8 | Iterate

Improve your solution

Refine design solutions, revise, and continually improve.

View Mission 8 challenge >>>

AVA Challenge

Mission 9 | Communicate

Share your solution

Communicate and share design solutions to key stakeholders.

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