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Choose from several 9-step STEM design sprints based on challenges facing Artemis & the Australian space industry Scenarios

  • Earth Observation: Milo Institute – Arizona State University
  • Robotics: Trailblazer – Australian Space Agency
  • Home on the Moon: Aldrin Family Foundation
  • Growing Food in Space: Magnitude.io
  • AI in Space

Missions at your own pace

Use the content on this site to deliver the program at your pace. A number of special events will also be made exclusively available to participants (dates tbc). There will also be a celebration event known as the Young Space Explorers held in Sydney Australia.


Mission 1: Introduction
Mission 2: Define the challenge
Mission 3: Identify the challenge
Mission 4: Brainstorm the solution
Mission 5: Design the solution
Mission 6: Prototype creation
Mission 7: Evaluate the design
Mission 8: Iterate your design
Mission 9: Communicate the Pitch
Submissions due: November 17 at 11:59pm AEDT

Throughout the year are special webinars with space industry experts. Registration is free and proudly supported by AWS in Communities.

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Young Space Explorers Event – December 2023, date tbc

A number of Year 9 & 10 teams will be selected to pitch their ideas to renowned space industry representatives and venture capitalists. This will occur at the Young Space Explorers event, supported by the Australian Space Agency, Lockheed Martin (US), The Space Research Hub & the NSW Department of Education.

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Earth Observation


Home on the Mo0n

Growing food in space

AI in Space




Scott Sleap

Dr Scott Sleap
SISP Project Leader
Prime Minister’s Prize for Excellence for Secondary Science Teaching
Commonwealth Bank Teaching Fellow

Ben Newsome

Ben Newsome
Churchill Fellow
AMP Tomorrow Maker
Founder of Fizzics Education

Ted Tagami

Ted Tagami
User Advisory Committee – Education Chair at ISS US National Lab
CoFounder of Magnitude

Kylie & Glenn

Kylie Burrett & Glenn Lawrence
GOLD Good Design Award Winner
Founders of Design Nuts

Ian Preston

Ian Preston
Deputy Principal NSW Virtual STEM Academy
Riverina STEM Project Officer

Wendy Bode

Wendy Bode
Deputy Principal – Global Tropics Future Project
Commonwealth Bank Teaching Fellow
QLD Virtual STEM Academy

Allan Ryan

Allan Ryan
Adjunct Professor at UTS Business School
Founder of Hargraves Institute

Jim Christensen

Jim Christensen
Executive Director of ShareSpace Education, the education arm of the Aldrin Family Foundation

Dr Ken Hudson

Dr Ken Hudson
Lecturer at UTS
Speaker & Founder of Ideas Blitz

Lori Waters

Lori Waters
Space Instructor | Analog Astronaut | Astrobotany Researcher

Gillian Hewitt

Gillian Hewitt
Founder of Imaginaturalists

Dr Adrian John Brown

Dr Adrian Brown
Planetary Science Researcher